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Monday, 3 November 2008

New Website and BLOG!

Yes, the time has finally come to announce my New Website! Why a new one, you may ask?

Because I wanted a Website that was an Interactive one where you could ask me questions and I would post the answers for you and others to see and learn! But most importantly because I wanted a Website that had a BLOG right inside it!

And with the Design Savvy of Yoko Chapman of Pulp and Circumstance, the Web Marketing and Programming Knowledge of Alex Morrison and Curtis Tilley of X-Lab Interactive Design, I finally have it!

If you used to subscribe to this blog, you must know that you will no longer get notifications here. You will need to change your RSS feeds to point to

So go ahead, check it out and sign up for my Newsletter at or

Thank you for your patience!

Make sure to check out my latest blog entry on there too!

Friday, 31 October 2008

We interrupt our regular program...

I know you're waiting! I took your pictures and you've seen NOTHING! NADA!!!

Well, let me tell you I got something wonderful coming next week andit's WORTH WAITING FOR!

You'll see what I mean! For a little tease, be sure that your images will be well represented!

For now though I must keep you in suspense.

Rest assured, I got you covered!


Thanks Marlene for this great shot of me working and wearing a pink feather boa! Now, isn't that just ME???

Monday, 27 October 2008

Don't try this at home!

Or at least, don't do it yourself!

I wouldn't...

So I called my dear dear friend Steve to do it for me! The family session, that is!!! It's nearly impossible to find a day when we're all together. My husband is out of town 90% of the year and when he's in town I'm usually at a conference or shooting like a Mad Brazillian Woman!

So when the one hour of Perfect Alignment came to be, Steve was there and he managed to get my kids to look at the camera and still have fun in the process!

I "stole" the images right off of his blog, so I made sure to leave his logo on there.

Thank you Steve! I'm soooo proud to have you as my friend and so thankful that you could do this for us!

I also want to send a little shout out to my sweet sexy friend Marlene who was having way too much fun in Africa and couldn't be here at the time of the "Perfect Alignment" to photograph our family as previously planned.

Please check her blog here and tell her you want to buy some of her Africa images! They are incredible!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Cheryl, Rob and the Boys! Family Session 2008

Cheryl has been one of my blog stalkers for a very long time! And we have been planning her family pictures for a long time also!

When our schedules finally aligned and the weather forecast graciously obliged, we headed out to Harborview and had some serious Portrait Session Fun! Didn't we Rob?

Cheryl was full of ideas and both of our ideas combined resulted in some awesome memories to last till the end of time!

First thing I did was strike a deal with the boys (Phoenix & Hudson) to make sure that they would do whatever I asked. I told them they could climb this tree if they listened to me afterwards.

You never know how these things are going to go because every parent knows that striking a bargain with your kids can easily backfire.

In our case, it worked!

Here's proof.

Tree climbing...

Wonderful family memories!

I just love Phoenix's expressions!

Hudson shows what he really thinks of me! Boring!

That's better...

Lucas is an exchange student from Brazil that's living in Cheryl & Rob's house and he is most definitely part of the family.

The boys wanted to throw leaves up in the air... and Rob wasn't too impressed as you can see by the fact that he wanted this to be over AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Swinging Hudson.

Boys being Boys!

Now for my favorite series... The football game silhouette.

Rob and his boys!

Thanks Cheryl, for trusting me with your memories!

Check out your slideshow!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sophie's Bat Mitzvah

I met Alison (Sophie's mom) a few months before Sophie's grand event and I knew that it would be a classy - and meaningful day.

But I could have never dreamed that Sophie was all that her mother said and SO MUCH MORE! Alison told me she was beautiful and had a great theatrical personality, but when I met her I was completely taken by just HOW gorgeous she was, with her perfectly naturally curly hair and her personality so interesting, polite and incredibly confident.

Her ceremony was very meaningful and Sophie conducted it with reverence and confidence. Her speech revealed just how grown up she really is and what a great woman she's about to become.

I was also glad to have a few minutes with Sophie all to myself. I wanted to capture her beauty for years and years to come... So we can look back at it one day when I photograph her wedding!

What do you say Sophie?

All I have to say is, that I hope my girls turn out like you! You will be a dream teenager and I wish you all the best in the years to come!

Enough said. Now on to the gorgeous princess.

Her auntie decorated the place and made the flower arrangements.

I love this shot... Sophie is keeling over laughing as the "women" in her laugh are blurred out in the background...

Here she is with her also very theatrical cousins!

For family and friends wanting to order and view all images of Sophie's Bat Mitzvah pictures, click here to be notified when their online gallery is launched!

Also take a loot at Sophie's quick slideshow Click here!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Out of this World Lifestyle Session: Carol & Denis, 40 Years and Counting!

(Warning, long journal entry, but the story makes the pictures!)

Everyday when I get up, I know I'm blessed. I'm blessed more than I even know and I KNOW!

I have an amazing husband that would do absolutely anything for me, two gorgeous girls that are the most precious thing in my life, a wonderful family all around and a job that I love.

Sure, there's hard times and there's times when all I do is work, but I know that what I do is more than just "take pictures". I have the opportunity to capture stories and leave a legacy for generations to come.

(I know I sound cheesy, but those of you who know me, also know that I AM CHEESY!!!)

So, last year when Simone called me up, she said that her parents had been married for 40 years and had a really "neat" living situation and she would like me to do a Lifestyle Session for them.
A Lifestyle session is so much more than a Portrait Session... It's like a Portrait Session on Steroids! (not really, please!)

I waited for Carol to call me and she did! She gave me directions to her place and said: "don't expect a house. We don't live in a house."

For the record, stuff like that gets me really excited!

When I arrived I saw a large large LARGE garage with an industrial size garage door and a regular house door beside it. Carol & Denis emerged from the little door and greeted me warmly.

I was fascinated when I walked in. White, shinny tile flooring with a big... well, look:

Yep, big HUGE Semi Cab attached to a 5th Wheel Trailer.

That's where they live! In the Trailer, inside a nice warm, clean garage with a laundry and kitchen and their bedroom and closet are IN THE TRAILER! Then, after Christmas, they close their trailer doors and open the big garage door and head out to Texas for the harshest part of winter.

But do you know what struck me instantly as I walked in? There was no stuff! None!

There was a large dining table with chairs and a big screen tv. That's it! Oh, and so much love!

What a life!

Yesterday I went back there to show them their slideshow in DVD format since they don't have high speed internet out in the country. We sat down, had tea and cookies and watched the slideshow together.

Carol then told me how nervous they both were the morning of the photoshoot, not knowing what to expect, but then in her words: "as soon as you walked through the door, Patty, I relaxed and you made us feel so good".

Well, what can I say... I'm blessed. I'm blessed to love my job, to think that what I do makes a difference.

Here's what else I know: these pictures are something that Carol & Denis and their kids and grandkids will treasure forever and ever.

Enough talking. On to the pictures.

Here's Denis styling on his GoldWing.

Almost 41 years and loving each other so strongly! Beautiful!

Couldn't pass up the boot shot!

Now we're talking!

Denis plays guitar and we had to get some guitar shots. Carol says she can listen to him playing the guitar and singing all the time.

So I wanted to do some shots of Denis with his guitar in the field.

Here's his Roadie.

These are my absolute favorite.

When I told them that I would make them a slideshow set to music, Carol asked me if Denis could sing for that. YES YES YES!

So, what you hear is Denis' voice throughout. And his beautiful guitar playing.

Simone, I'd like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to meet your parents and capture this memory for you all.

Now, on to the slideshow! Click here!